Biomass Solution


Typically the hotel would burn approximately 93,000 litres of kerosene annually which is not a renewable fuel and resulted in 280 tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere. In addition the capacity of fuel we were able to hold was about 5,000 litres and again on average we required 26 deliveries per year.


Our Biomass Solution

We decided that moving to a biomass fuel would cut dramatically our carbon foot print as it is a renewable fuel. So we employed Jones Nash Limited a biomass specialist, architects ADL and builders Cook & Lakin to come up with a solution that would work for us.


Jones Nash suggested replacing our 4 oil burning boilers with one extremely efficient 200KW Froling biomass boiler and sufficient capacity to store 14 tonnes of wood pellets. Thus ensuring the hotel had sufficient capacity for both producing heat and storing fuel. In fact the fuel capacity was extremely important for two reasons in that it ensured we would have a full load from a supplier minimising the cost of the fuel and of course reducing the number of times fuel has to be delivered to the hotel.


Now we expect only 10-12 deliveries per year and our carbon foot print has been cut by 280 tonnes per year.



Wood Pellets
Froling Biomass Boiler