LED Lights


So another area of our operation which came under the spotlight were Light Bulbs.  We have over 1000 light bulbs at the hotel many of which are on most of the time. So our green team undertook a light bulb audit and we decided to change over to LED light bulbs.


The advantages changing to LED light were 5 fold:


  • On average the use of elecricty reduced by 80-90% whilst providing the same light output. 
  • The life of the LED bulbs is hugely greater than incandesent bulbs 
  • Which means less maintenance hours in swaping out blow blubs.
  • Less elecricity used means lower carbon foot print
  • And cost savings despite the initial outlay to purchase the LED Bulbs

The disadvantages:


  • Expense of swapping the bulbs
  • The light quality, however extensive sampling of types & manufacturers meant that we felt that this was not an issue for us.

Calculating the carbon saving from swapping to LED lights is quite difficult prior to seeing the actual usage of electricty fall for comparable periods. So we have made some assumptions* to be able to provide an estimate of the carbon saved. After doing the maths we have estimated that we should save 58 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.



* We have assumed that all our bulbs will be on for an average of 6 hours per day and that 60 watt bulb has been replaced by a 4.6 watt led bulb.


LED Bulb 1
LED bulb 2