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Welcome to 2011! Interesting, I happened to stumble across the tail end of a rather dated episode of “Space 1999” the other day. Now I know that to some of you reading this your thinking “space what?!” but to those who know and love “old school” sci-fi you’ll know exactly what I talking about (I hope!)

The thing is, back in good old 1975 when the series was being put together, the theme seemed believable. We could easily imagine that a “Moon Base Alpha” as it was known, would be achievable and likely given the events of space exploration in the previous decade.  That’s how fast technology was moving (remember the triumph TR7!!) In reality, some 12 years after the year 1999, we’re no closer now than we were back then.

Now, I’ve been giving all this some thought recently, and I think I know what went wrong with the holiday home on the moon idea, social networks! That must be it, since the launch of the World Wide Web, all thought of design and build has moved in this direction. I guess it’s what we all really wanted after all! It’s almost impossible to think about going through a day, just 24 hours, without checking your mobile or i phone. Without “logging on” without checking out the best deals on line before splashing out on the latest i pad!! I guess we’re all happier with our feet firmly on the ground, and our eyes firmly glued to one type of screen or another!

All of this brings me neatly on to the Beech Hill Hotel’s new face book page. Only launched a few weeks ago, it’s already proving a useful and interesting place to be! We’ll be streaming loads of great pictures, stories and even the odd recipe or two, so go on, follow the link at the bottom of our home page and take a look!

Just to be clear on the “old school” sci-fi thing, unfortunately for my wife, I am a bit of a fan of anything sci-fi. Fortunately for my wife, we have two televisions!!

Until next time, best wishes


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