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We all try in our own little ways to save the planet; I have a Bag for Life to save on plastic shopping bags (although I regularly forget to take it with me when I go shopping, oops!), I recycle all my paper, plastic, cans and grass cuttings (although I’m not sure I would be quite so conscientious if the council hadn’t cut our refuse collections) and I try to conserve energy in my house with energy saving bulbs, double glazing, insulation and by trying to remember to turn everything off when I’m not using it.

As a Hotel that invites thousands of extra people to our area every year we have an extra responsibility to be green and protect both the very beautiful area that we are blessed to live in and the planet as a whole.

Of course we use energy saving light bulbs where we can and recycle all of our card, paper and bottles.  We serve only seasonally available local food to reduce food miles, saving CO2 emissions from the delivery wagons and planes that would be required to transport out of season produce from around the world to us, and also in support local agriculture and industries.

However, the most fascinating green activity we’re involved in is the recycling of our cooking oil to be used as bio-fuels.  Eden Valley Oils don’t just supply us with great quality oils for cooking with but they also run an efficient waste cooking oil collection service throughout Northern England, and have done for 20 years.

All of the waste oil collected from us and many other establishments is refined and processed within their own fully licensed waste management site and is then supplied to the environmentally conscious bio-diesel industry, which aims to reduce harmful emissions produced by engines running on conventional diesel.

So, next time you dine with us and have eaten so much that you simply can’t move just remember by eating with us here you are keeping someone on the move somewhere else!

Donna Myers

Sales and Reservations Manager

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