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The Real (Mini) Monster of Windermere

So, we all know fairies and pixies are real, along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny; how do I know this? My Mum told me and she would never lie to her little princess now would she.  But, Bownessie? Even I think this is a little far fetched.  Let’s look at the evidence (or lack there of); a pre-historic creature in Lake Windermere that has never been seen in Millennium but has been spotted twice in the last couple of years.

Where has he been hiding for the last couple of million years?  Is it actually Nessie who decided to relocate after a couple of chilly winters in Scotland? I don’t think so.  And the photo; I ask you, in this the digital age where almost everyone has a digital camera or camera phone, who takes a photo with what I can only guess is a Pin Hole camera from the turn of the last century.  No, no, no, no. no!

When the story broke last week I had a little search on the internet and it appears that there are a few rather interesting myths and ‘mythical’ creatures in the Lake District, all far more interesting than stealing Nessie from the Highlands.  For example the Tizzie-Whizie, quite obviously real, have a look at the photo!

In the early 1900s, a boatman at Bowness used to entertain tourists with stories of his encounters with this strange, shy, water loving creature. He claimed that it had the body of a hedgehog, the tail of a squirrel and a pair of bee-like wings. Although many people thought he was making the whole story up, sightings of Tizzie-Whizies are still reported today.

So if you want to catch a glimpse of Bownessie you need to take up residence at The Beech Hill because the view from here is second to none, and after a few G&T’s (OK a lot of G&T’s) on the terrace I’m sure you’ll spot him.  But whilst you’re all wasting you’re time doing that, me and the rest of the gang will be out hunting for Tizzie-Whizies!

Donna Myers

Sales and Reservations Manager

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